Checking In…

Oofta….where to begin. (sorry for getting so Minnesotan on you right off the bat). Quarantine has been keeping us quite busy! We’ve been using this season to get lots of projects done at home that we have just been pushing off or didn’t have time to do…well now we kinda have/had the time…

  1. Started working on one of our spare bedrooms. I have finished painting it and next up is new flooring and then I can start the fun part, decorating and SHOPPING!
  2. “We” and I really mean Brett closed up our old laundry closet up and walled it off so we can expand our current master bathroom! We will be ordering our tub soon!!! The tiled walk-in shower will be done at the end of May. (we are hiring that out by a family friend)
  3. Literally knocked down a wall and we are currently in the middle of the bathroom remodel.
  4. Painted our entire livingroom in one afternoon. Brett and I make an excellent painting team. Even though I’m pretty sure he would rather step on a rusty nail than paint any thing ever again.
  5. Our burnt down shop is officially cleaned up and is ready to start rebuilding! Hopefully soon! I can’t wait till we can get some things moved out of the garage and into the shop again. I can honestly say that since it was just our shop that burnt down(only material type things and poor Lulu), the pain of clean up was way worse than any other part of that experience. This girl has never shoveled so much in my life than I did in those two day’s. Plus, I picked up an entire 5 gallon pail full of nails with a magnet. I felt like I was carrying around a bucket full of Tetanus.
  6. Fruit trees are trimmed and ready to go this year! We got lazy last year and didn’t get to trimming them. Which then became a deadly battle every time you mow around them. Let’s just say the ONE time I mowed I will always remember. And its not just the scar on my right shoulder blade that will be reminding me. I’m pretty sure the massive force that an Apple tree branch can whip you right off the lawn mower will do the trick.. FYI this isn’t why I’ve only mowed once… the one time I mowed I ran over my phone, had an apple tree ripe me off the mower, and my lines were more zigzags than they were straight. I also haven’t been asked to mow after that day…oops.

I do have to say, whenever Brett and I start a project or anything close to one we actually work really well together. For the most part we agree on most things, ie flooring. Just don’t ask about the bathtub debate. That still hasn’t been completely figured out…He goes with most of my crazy ideas. And really does make my ideas come to life. I tell him he’s the Chip to my Joanna ๐Ÿ™‚ Don’t get me wrong, we still argue over some things, but who doesn’t?! Like a stupid bathtub…he will come around to my idea sooner or later ๐Ÿ˜‰ But then he reads my mind over a shower head. Like seriously you guys, this guy found a rain shower head that has different settings so I can still shower without getting my hair wet for days that I don’t wash my hair! Cue the blushing!!! I guess you can call it balance.

Anyways, we’re keeping busy and still following the “social distancing” guidelines and the “stay at home” order. But I’m so thankful that we both have our jobs still, and our family and friends are all healthy and safe. I wish everyone was. And my heart goes out to those that are not able to say the same. The weather is getting warmer and nicer, I hope everyone is able to go out and soak up as much Vitamin D you can! Until next time…



Check out our progress pictures so far!

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