Learning grace in all of the things

So today I started my first “work from home” day… let me set the scene for you, its a good one. A full cup of lukewarm coffee accompanied by some of the best plastic food Raegan’s kitchen has to offer, a box of 1000 piece Puzzle -minus a few scattered under my chair, the worlds fluffiest cat wearing a Frozen bike helmet, and one mom that has no clue how to do this thing called “work from home”.

Like is it even a real thing that can be done with kids at home? To be honest I was actually really looking forward to it! I had this idea of Raegan playing all sweetly downstairs in her play corner with her shining halo above her. I had this idea that we would get to “work” together and she would see this “working mom” of hers right in her element. Now fast forward exactly 1 minute and me trying to “work from home” has turned into a bit of a punch line in a really bad mom joke. The thing is, Raegan is an only child so I find she is a bit more “needy” than others, don’t get me wrong, I’m just speaking as a mom of just one. I am just going based on what I’ve noticed, not something scientific. It’s hard to be a single child and grow up always having parents or friends at daycare to always play with. Then to be told to leave mom alone for bits and pieces of time while mom “works” is just not something she is used to having to do. Which means, she doesn’t know how to do it.

However, this mom wasn’t thinking of how my child would react to me working at home and I almost lost it when I realized that this was NOT going the way I thought it would. I forgot to give my toddler the grace she deserves in this transition as well. This is new for her too. She’s used to going to daycare and playing with her friends, not being told to be quiet and give mom space.

What I am saying here is this isn’t just hard on us parents, it’s hard on the kids too. I’m seeing these parents stressing out about how they are going to make this work and distant learning and I hear you and I am so sorry you’re put in this position. But remember we are all in this together. Everyone is being affected in some way or another. Even our kids! Now is the time to not have high expectations like I did. Now is the time to give grace and choose to find the joy and love in this season. Because that’s all this is, its a season. It’s a hard season, believe me I know! But we will get through this. We will get through this and we will all be stronger for it and have learned so much through this hard season as well!

So I took a deep breath and did some self reflection during a quiet yoga sess outside on my deck. Then that brings me here, sharing with you what I’ve just learned on my first day of “working from home”. Luckily, this isn’t a daily thing for me. I still have to go into work a couple times a week here. But I survived! And MAYBE just maybe by the end of this season we will have this all worked out. Here’s to hoping anyways! I wish you all the best and hope you all stay healthy and sane during this quarantine. Don’t forget to comment below your favorite “work from home” advice! I’ll take what I can get!

xoxo (from 6 feet away ;)) ,


Here is a little picture of Ted’s newest accessory and his favorite designer.

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