Choosing to be grateful

“Replace fear with gratitude, and the whole world changes” -Terri Guillemets

Sitting here writing in the quietness of my home, in my favorite spot, with a sleeping toddler, a husband at drill, and a larger than life size grocery list that I am scared to go out and shop for. I am trying to process the reality of everything that is happening outside the very walls of my home. Although I’m pretty sure I belong in the group that is pretty excited about the idea of being quarantined to my home. Can I get an ‘Amen’ from my fellow introverts!?!?

But in all seriousness, there is so much chaos out there some people are just not quite sure how to handle all of the fear and uncertainty. Some handle it by buying ridiculous amounts of toilet paper, I’m talking about YOU Karen (inside joke between my fellow Rach Hollis listeners), and some are trying to hide their fears by judging and ridiculing others. Neither are exactly helpful. So what should we possibly be doing then instead?!

Well I’m choosing to be grateful. I’m grateful that I am in the comforts of my home with my favorite little three year old while some people are not. I am grateful that I don’t have to be worried about my husband being stuck at a military base for 14 days and not being able to come home! I am grateful because instead of being separated, we will get to be together. I am also grateful because my husband bought toilet paper last week! Who knew that would be something I would be happy about?!

I decided to take this time to reflect and be grateful for the things I have and choose to spread joy and encouragement. Between the dropping stock markets (my poor 401k) and a toilet paper shortage (seriously, I’m not sure I really do understand that), choosing to not partake in the madness and just take a step back to really see what is most important is my way of not “adding to the situation” if you will. I hope you’re able to take this time as well to step back and really focus on what really matters. For me, its my family and a wonderful holiday on the horizon, Easter!

I hope you all stay safe and don’t run out of toilet paper! If you need some, let me know! I have a few rolls we could probably lend you 🙂 If you need someone to talk to or just to NOT talk about what is going on for a change, you can definitely count me in for that! Until next time!

**Also, here is a picture of a cute toddler feeding some goats to make you smile 🙂



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