Everything and Nothing…

Wow, its been awhile! I have zero excuses….well none that would actually count anyways. My life has been a bit crazy the past couple of months. Some day I may just talk about it, but not quite ready yet.

What have I been up to? Well, the better question is what haven’t I been up to. Winters in Minnesota can be long but we’ve been able to keep busy between parties on the lake to family bowling nights. Right now my project is organizing my lovely and crazy craft area in my laundry room! This little OCD girl is freaking out excited about the pure organization of it! Like seriously, all I did was put my Cricut stuff on a shelf and got so excited I did a little dance and had to show off to my husband and literally everyone in the Instagram world. But hey, its the little things!

I’ve been slowly cleaning out my house and prepping for a garage sale this summer. Although, if I keep up at this rate it might turn into a yard sale…I’m not sure my over-sized two car garage will even be able to hold everything I’m trying to get rid of. Its like once you start, you just can’t stop finding things that you just don’t need anymore! See pictures below for a mid process shot of my craft corner!

Right now currently I am sitting at a booth at a womens owned business vendor show! Being surrounded by a bunch of bad-ass women working hard was really the fire under my ass to get me back up and running again.

Getting the chance to share my passion with people while educating them on the importance of taking care of their skin has been quite amazing. This experience has been about educating and sharing…not about selling.

Like the title implied this post has been a little about everything and completely nothing at all. #sorrynotsorry that’s my life for you! Stay tuned from some updates on my organizing and my go-to tips for easy and cheap organization!



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