Clean Living

If you’ve been following me along in Instagram or know me at all, you’d know I am a huge advocate for safer personal care products from deodorant to nail polish. I became a Beautycounter consultant almost 3 years ago already! I fell in love with the company right away when I heard their mission; “getting safe products into the hands of everyone”. This is something that spoke to my heart deeply, especially as a new mom at the time. Over the course of these years I have not only learned the correct way to apply eye shadow {hello, BONUS!}, but also about the lack of safety standards there are when it comes to the ingredients in our everyday personal care products. I’ve learned how to educate my close friends and family, and even myself on how to choose safer in everything from lotion to mascara.

I’ve done my own research and through trial and error I’ve been able to find my favorite hair care products, body lotion, deodorant, makeup and skincare, and even a safe nail polish! Here is where I will put together easy ways to encourage and educate others out there that switching to safer doesn’t always have to be scary, expensive, or overwhelming!


My Pride and Joy…no seriously, I love my hair. I know not very many people can say that and truly mean it, but I do. Don’t get me wrong, when I was a teenager I hated it! I have very thick and wavyish hair that I had no idea how to take care of properly when I was younger and I definitely took advantage of my lovely locks. Now I know how to take care of my mane and keep it looking and feeling healthy! However, this has been a struggle for me to find the right hair care products without having to sacrifice my budget or my personal standards for safe ingredients. Lately, I have found Prose hair care products and I can truly say I’m in major heart eyes with this company! First you start out with a consultation where they ask you a bunch of questions about your hair, your environment, and your everyday activities. Believe it or not, these are huge variables that are to be considered when you’re looking at issues with your hair. For me, a big one was environment. We have extremely hard water out in the country and it is no friend to my hair. This came up with 100% certainty in my consultation as well! After you’re done with the consultation they literally formulate a shampoo and conditioner specifically for your hair! I’m loving the scent (which is floral without the artificial fragrances) and how smooth and healthy my hair has become with just a couple of washes!! Definitely recommend this company!

Makeup & Skincare

So I looped these both into one because I literally get all of my skincare and makeup from Beautycounter! Yes, I’m totally drinking that cool-aid hard. I will admit I probably sound bias, because I sell it, and make a little money off of it, but if you took a little time to checkout their website and their Instagram, you’d see what I see! Beautycounter has spent time at DC lobbying for new laws in regards to safer products and more strict laws when it comes to ingredients. And I can say I am so proud to be apart of such a revolution of women and men striving for the best for everyone!!

Anyways, on to what you really want to know, how does the makeup and skincare hold up? Like, do they work? Are they worth the money? YES, YES, YES!! If I could shout it from the roof tops without having my fear of heights get to me, I totally would! I have been using strictly BC for my skincare and makeup for almost 3 years and I can say my skin has never looked better and I love it! I even got my husband using the skincare and the mens line as well!! We even do charcoal masks together 🙂 Stay tuned and follow my Instagram for my favorites and my favorite tips and tricks for my everyday looks!!

Personal Care (ie deodorant, toothpaste, etc.)

Here has been a bit of a struggle. I’ve tried so many natural deodorants and have been disappointed so many times. But after 3.5 years, I can say I finally found one that I love and have stuck with for over a year! Primally Pure has in a way rediscovered deodorant. They have many different options for both men and women and they don’t break the bank. I’ve had bad experiences with other natural deodorants that have left me feeling sticky, smelly, or left a gross residue. I’ve finally found an option that works, smells good, lasts all day, and doesn’t contain aluminum or any artificial ingredients or harmful chemicals! Toothpaste, this one I’ve gone through a couple of options but Schmidt’s has been my favorite! For me I love using the Activated Charcoal because it has more of a minty flavor while using a natural ingredient for whitening. For Raegan, she uses and loves the Vanilla Chai! Since she’s still at the age where spitting is only something you do when you have food in your mouth, it makes me feel better knowing if shes going to ingest a small amount of toothpaste, at least I know what is in it. Let’s face it, I’m just happy she’s brushing her teeth at all. Lotion is something that we go through a lot of in our household and something that we all share as well. I like to have a huge bottle of it sitting on my bathroom counter ready for everyone. The brand we’ve been loving lately is the Everyone Lotion at Target. You can get a huge bottle for a decent price and it comes with a pump on it making it easy for everyone to use…haha get it.

Switching to safer doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. But it is so important! I’ll get in depth another time about some of my favorites!