My Beauty Favs Right Now!

Oh hello SPRING! I love this time of year…brown grass, frozen dog poop thawing, and seasonal allergies. But in all seriousness, I do love spring. I welcome those budding flowers and trees and planning out my garden. Spring also brings changes to my skincare routine and that’s what brings me to today’s topic, my Beauty Fav’s! Those that know me really well know that I LOVE trying new beauty trends. Anything that’s safe, non-toxic, and works, is totally my jam! So here is a list of my favorites right now!

Please note that there are links to products that if you purchase, I do receive a commission on that purchase. This post is not meant for me to make any amount of money, just sharing my personal experience!

  1. Beautycounter’s Overnight Resurfacing Peel– Seriously a miracle in a bottle! This Peel has multiple natural acids working together to help improve your skins firmness and help brighten your complexion. It has this almost stinging sensation when you put it on that makes you really know that it’s working! The best part is all you have to do is cleanse your skin, apply the peel, let it dry a couple minutes, then moisturize, and then go to bed! BOOM-wake up with glowing skin. I like to follow it up with Beautycounter’s Vitamin C Serum in the morning for an added boost of brightness. Right now, if you are a new customer with Beautycounter, use my link and get 20% off your first order with CLEANFORALL20. This is only good through April 2021!
  2. Primally Pure’s Everything Spray– Like the name implies it really does do everything! Calms razor burn, freshens up your armpits, tones your skin, you name it! I love the Tea Tree smell it has and how its not over baring. I typically use it for my legs, armpits, and bikini line after I shave–no one likes razor burn down there! They gave me a lovely code to share with you all this awesome company, COUNTRYMOM for 10% off your first order!
  3. Dry Brushing!- So I have two dry brushes and I love them both! One is from Primally Pure and the other is from Beautycounter’s holiday collection. You can really buy a dry brush anywhere! I highly recommend a bamboo one if you can! I never really understood dry brushing until I read more on it after seeing a few people post about it. Oofta, (yup, I’m Minnesotan-get over it) it was a game changer! Who knew just rubbing a dry wooden brush up your legs and arms would feel soooo good! The reasoning behind dry brushing is that it helps improve circulation, exfoliation, help with appearance of skin, and lymphatic drainage which detoxes your body. All by brushing your skin! I typically do this before a nice hot shower or before a soak in the bathtub. I can’t tell you enough how amazing and spa-like it feels when you’re doing it.
  4. Beautycounter’s Countertime Lipid Defense Cleansing Oil– I had never used an oil for cleansing before and my skin loves it! I tend to have dry skin in the winter months thanks to Minnesota winters, so this has been a game changer for me. Not to mention the Countertime line is made of plant-derived Retinatural Complex which helps with aging skin. Being I’m in my 30’s and I love the sun, this is pretty important to me. This way I get the anti-aging part without sacrificing my health with traditional Retinol. In the winter I tend to use it more in the mornings, but now with Spring hitting my skin needs have definitely switched. Now I used it at night before I go to bed and I wake up with some seriously smooth and moisturized skin and I love it.
  5. All Natural 100% Bamboo Loofah! Like seriously, where has this been all my life?! I can’t tell you how many loofas I’ve used in my lifetime and they all end up the same way…in the trash. They get nasty or you know you’re supposed to throw them out after so many days or whatever…but who keeps track of that. But I found these bamboo loofahs from Brush With Bamboo! It comes as a 6-pack for only $20 and you can use them for more than a loofah in your shower or tub! They can be used in your kitchen to scrub dishes and even scrubbing walls of God knows what that your toddler left behind. It could have been blood…or pizza sauce, I don’t know, but this did the trick! The best part of all is when you’re done with it, it is 100% decomposable! Throw it out in your composting bin and 30 days later its done! I even got my hubby trying one. His ended up being a little more rougher than mine and he said it does the trick, but it’s a little too rough for his more sensitive areas 😉
  6. The next product is one that had to grow on me…the Zomchi Safety Razor. I don’t know much about the chemicals they use on traditional razors, but I hate the “pink tax” so I try to buy razors that are cheaper, for men and women, and that actually work! I love that this is all bamboo and metal and can be recycled. I find that I have significantly less razor burn with this one, especially when I follow with the Everything Spray. It definitely takes time to get used to using a metal safety razor. I had to learn how to shave a completely different way. I also cut myself like 2 or 3 times trying to shave way too fast. But I have to say once I got the hang of it, it definitely shaves closer and doesn’t leave razor burn.
  7. My most favorite of them all, my new Microneedling set! This is something that I was quite skeptical about being you’re literally rolling thousands of needles over your skin. However, I saw a friend had posted about her experience and I figured I would put it on my Christmas list! So my hubby bought me a full body set for Christmas! The science behind Microneedling is that when you roll the needles over your skin you’re technically making microscopic punctures to your skin and those punctures are telling your body to produce new collagen help fix them. That’s where your skin gets repaired! After I did my research I then started using it for my stretch marks and helping firm up my skin on my face. My stretch marks are from back when I had my daughter, so I really didn’t know if it would help at all or not, but it has! I’ve only been using it once every couple of weeks when I remember since January and now I can truly say I’ve noticed a difference. This is one of those times I wish I would have taken that fun before picture to show the great after picture. But I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it. It does say it can take up to 5-6 months to really see a significant difference in your skin, so I’m hoping to post a picture when I reach that point! Being my husband bought mine for Christmas I can’t find the set he got me, but you can find them any where from Amazon to Ulta. I recommend not getting the super cheap ones. Being you’re trusting thousands of microneedles penetrating your skin, you want to make sure you have the good quality ones!

I can’t wait to keep trying new and different beauty products that are safe and non-toxic that actually work. If you’re reading this and have any suggestions, please send them my way! I’m open to trying new things and I’d love to hear if you have or are wanting to try any of these. Some of these products can be a bit costly, so please don’t spend the money unless you really want too! I don’t believe in telling people to purchase things just cause, I think that’s a little wasteful. These are just suggestions of what I’ve loved. Until next time, enjoy the new season and happy Easter weekend!



Here’s a pic of my Beauty Favs!

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