Direct Sales…A Part of The Solution, Not The Problem

Yup, you read that right…this is a post about a direct selling company. I’m sure you’ve heard plenty about direct selling. Things from, “get rich fast” and “be your own boss!”. But, that’s not why I joined a company called Beautycounter. This is about why not all direct sales companies are the same.

So lets take a step back into 2016 when I found out I was pregnant with Raegan. I know this takes us pretty far back, but stay with me here! When I found out I was pregnant I became hyper aware of everything I was doing. From washing the carpets to perfume. I was BIG into perfume! I was worried about anything that could possibly hurt my unborn child. I stopped using hairspray, perfume, and started using more natural alternatives for cleaning supplies. Fast forward to after Raegan was born, I was on maternity leave and was introduced to Beautycounter through a high school friend. I loved the idea of being able to switch out all of my makeup and personal care products with one company that I became to love and trust. After being a loyal customer I decided to join as a consultant for that sweet 25% discount,because why not? That’s how I persuaded my husband actually 😉

When I joined, I didn’t do it for added income. I did it for that sweet discount and the idea of being apart of the solution, instead of the problem. The problem being that there hasn’t been a Federal Law regulating the ingredients in our personal care products since 1938. Yes, in over 80 years the government hasn’t made any changes to this law which regulates ingredients and testing for those products! When I learned this, I couldn’t unlearn it. I couldn’t turn a blind eye and keep on going knowing that the products I put on my body every day are destroying me from the inside out. From endocrine disruptors to carcinogenic ingredients, our bodies are test subjects for the beauty industries gain. So instead of being apart of the problem, I wanted to become a part of the solution.

Now I work with a group of people stomping the grounds of DC and lobbying for stricter laws when it comes to personal care products. This doesn’t happen with all direct sales company. I was apart of another company a few years ago thinking it would be a great side gig to help pay off some student loans. I was introduced to a company that was all about the revenue and nothing about the people. Which honestly, makes me sick! It makes me sad to think that so many people have such a bad taste in their mouth and a rotten viewpoint of direct sales companies because of this. Yes, I work with a company that encourages recruiting for the purpose of helping everyone achieve whatever it is they want! Some want to educate, some want to earn a living, some just want to do what they love, and some do it all!

No, direct sales is not for everyone, I get that. Some people just don’t like “selling” to their friends and family. But what I don’t get is the SHAME that comes with direct sales. The shame for “falling for a scam” or the shame for being a “sales person”. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve gotten those cold texts or Facebook messages about someone wanting me to check out whatever it is they are selling. I’ve definitely had my fair share of not so organic or sincere messages asking how my family is and what not. After I had Raegan I can’t count how many people messaged me about wanting to get my post-baby body in shape! That was pretty sad, but I get they are just trying to sell, because that’s what their company is pushing! They are being told that if they don’t push or keep reaching out they won’t be successful. I’ve noticed this has also brought on the wretched “ANTI-MLM” Facebook groups, which itself brings more shame. Shame to those that are doing it right. Shame to those that are successful and love what they do! I’ve heard of stay-at-home moms with college degrees who have joined a direct sales company and found their people through those connections. They wouldn’t have that support or relationships without that connection. Direct sales really can bring some people together, while also showing the ugly side of others. Creating these “ANTI-MLM” groups isn’t support, its just hate and sadness in the shape of a Facebook group. This group of people are hiding behind their own insecurities and taking it out on people that are just doing what they want.

That’s why you need to find what’s right for you! I found Beautycounter and for the longest time I was so quiet about my love for this company out of fear someone would shame me for being apart of a direct sales company. But now I realize I DON’T CARE! In the words of the wise Rachel Hollis, “your opinion of me is NONE of MY business”! I know I don’t send annoying messages to random people pretending to care about their family or summer. I know I am apart of a MOVEMENT! I want to share that movement because I am DAMN PROUD OF IT! I love to share the fact that I know my lipstick doesn’t have lead in it. I love sharing the fact that my nail polish doesn’t have formaldehyde in it or that my deodorant doesn’t contain aluminum. I love that my daughter will be proud of me for sticking up for something I am so passionate about! That’s why I joined. I want to create a world where my daughter can go to Target and walk down any isle and know she doesn’t have to compromise or worry about her safety when buying personal care products. I want her to not have to read each and every label to know what is in it. Let’s be real, she probably still will, but let’s hope its just for the sake of watching mom do it and not out of necessity.

I’ll get off my soapbox now… I want everyone to know that not all direct sales companies are the same. There are some good ones out there. Just do your research and really know what you’re getting into before you take the so-called “plunge”.



Who knew lipstick could be revolutionary!-Photo Cred: Alexia Goeller Photography

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