Friday Fall Favorites

Yup we did the pumpkin patch thing yesterday! Fun was had by all! To say fall is my favorite time of the year would be an understatement. I love everything fall minus all the pumpkin spice crap. Ya, I said it. I hate pumpkin anything besides pumpkin seeds. But besides that, I love everything fall. I know its a little sad that summer is over, but lets be real everyone loves sweater and boot season!

We have some fun family traditions we do every fall and I recommend them to other families that love doing fall activities! Here are some of our traditions:

  • We start September first by decorating the house is all things fall and harvest. Yup, I bring out the fake pumpkins, and the fall wreath. I even have a whole tote in my garage dedicated just for fall decor. And I love it! I have my mini me help by decorating the window with the cheesy window clings you can get at the Dollar Store. We are those people. My favorite place to get cheap but adorable fall decor, TJ Maxx! They have such great options without breaking the bank!
  • After the decor is up we start lighting up the pumpkin and fall smelling candles! I’m all about the natural soy candles that are not filled with the toxic additives. Kettle River Candles is where I have gotten my latest candles. As a bonus, they are made right here in Minnesota!
  • Come October visiting our local pumpkin patch is an absolute MUST! We love going every year! We have a local spot that has animals, corn maze, haybale maze for kids, and of course the lovely corn pit where everyone tries not to think of all the places where the corn has been.
  • Halloween movies! We all have a favorite. Mine is Hocus Pocus! This is the first year I got Raegan to sit through and watch it with me and the fact that she loved it made me love it even more.
  • Making as many different soup recipes as I can! Our favorite over here is homemade Creamy Chicken Wild Rice Soup made in the crockpot. Definitely a great fall option when you are looking to have a cozy meal that’s easy. I do make this with a couple substitutions for a healthier meal.
  • Trick or Treating. This is something I have a love-hate relationship with. I love that kids go out and have the time of their lives, but I hate the fact that they get candy. So we have been lucky enough to have a local spot that does a “Trunk or Treat” and they hand out candy and some healthier options as well! Let’s face it, the candy is inevitable. I know. But we try to limit her intake the best we can.

I hope everyone gets the chance to go out and roll in a pile of leaves , carve a pumpkin, and eat your weight in Halloween candy this month. I know we probably will!



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